Alyssa Baker (alyssamb) wrote,
Alyssa Baker

Inside Out

Okay, what do I say? Colin seems to think that he's the coolest ever, but we all know that's not true. I find it easiest to just let him think that.

I was going to go to the Art Fair on the Square, but I woke up too late. Oh, well. Maybe tomorrow.

Last night I watched the weirdest movie ever. It was called Smokers, and the first fifteen minutes or so made absolutely no sense at all. I think it was about these girls that went to a boarding school in Wisconsin (oh yeah!!!) who always had their faces painted for some reason. Then they decided to rape all the guys they knew at gunpoint because they were angry. But it ended up to be that they all got raped, one of them died in a fire and one shot someone. And that's how it ended. The best part was when this guy in a limo was trying to rape someone and the limo driver was just sitting there watching. Hmmm...there sure was a lot of raping going on. I highly recommend this movie to anyone considering a career in raping or Child-Molester Van sales.

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