Alyssa Baker (alyssamb) wrote,
Alyssa Baker

I HATE Cambridge Fuzz

Grrr! This morning I was running a teensy bit late, so when I was on the road next to the school parking lot, I was going a little faster than the 25mph speed limit (35mph, which isn't THAT bad). But, with my luck, that was the day that the coppers were there stopping people. What a load of crap! It makes me really mad because I hardly ever speed, except for going like, 60 on the highway. But of course teh one time I'm going faster than I should, I get stopped. PLUS, I ended up being late anyway because I had to wait for the guy to write me a ticket. That made me SO MAD!!! And why did they have to have THREE cop cars and FOUR officers?!? Duh! THat's like the entire Cambridge squad! What's the point? Let's all blow up the Cambridge police.
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