Alyssa Baker (alyssamb) wrote,
Alyssa Baker

Dirty Mexicans Scare Me.

For the past couple of days, my friend has been begging me to join the golf team. I finally gave in and went today. Man do I suck. I guess I didn't do that bad, considering that I haven't played in two years. But I had to leave early to get to my voice lesson on time.

When I was finished with my lesson, I was just sitting and talking to my voice teacher when her next student showed up. He was this guy in his late thirties-early forties with a baseball mustache (the ones that kind of droop below their lips.) and what looked like some racing shirt. I wanted to laugh... all I could think was Why the HELL is this guy taking lessons from a former Metropolitan Opera singer? I kind of wished I could have stayed and listened. Oh well.

Tonight me and Colin went to Madison. It was fairly boring, but we did get some free blue Pepsi from Shaq or something, Oh my God that stuff tastes HORRIBLE!!!! I took maybe three sips and said Enough! Colin, being the gross person that he is, drank his. Ewww...
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