Alyssa Baker (alyssamb) wrote,
Alyssa Baker

IdaWho? IdaYou!

Today is the third day of our journey to Idaho. This place is kind of boring, since there's not much other than really expensive shops and antique stores. I found my favorite kind of soap, but while it's 85 cents back home, it was three bucks here. That's yucky.

Last night I was forced to sing for all of my dad's business buddies while we were on a dinner cruise. I don't think I sang all that well, but oh well. It made them happy and that's all that matters. When I was finished, I asked if I was going to get paid for my performance; they all laughed. I was serious. :(

Tonight we will be going out to another restaurant. I've been warned not to eat the Rocky Mountain Oysters. In case you don't know what they are, they're deep-fried sheep testicles. If I unknowingly ate any kind of testicle, I think I would cry.

I was going to go to this karaoke bar with my dad and his friends after the cruise, but I got kicked out for being underage, even though I was with my dad. Grrr. That was annoying. Then I went back up to our room and fell asleep.

There's this guy on the trip whose extremely rich and very proud of it. He decided that he was tired of flying commercial airlines, so he rented a private jet.

Anyway, that's all for now.
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